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Tears of the Wounded Sky

Tears of the Wounded Sky

A novel in progress from Chris Tannhauser:

“The war for Earth was over in a day. The aliens remain in the shadows, ever-present and yet blithely resistant to meaningful contact. The human race, left to its own smashed devices, feeds on itself. In the remnants of the old United States a virulent new strain of Christianity rises with the coming of the Second Messiah, Just Chuck. Citizens lend their brains, their minds and perhaps their very souls to Telegnosis, a head-to-head web of porn, products and salvation. Meanwhile, deep in the network, virtual beings and rogue superweapons — gods in their own realm — battle for the future of a dead race. Is humanity even worth saving? And just what does Skinny want?”

The Prologue and first nine chapters are posted on this site. If you would like to encourage the author, Chris Tannhauser, to finish his unfinished novel, feel free to email him and let him know you want to purchase it.


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