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About Crying FOX

It’s a parable, and like most parables, it’s timeless. But it differs from Aesop’s parable about the boy who cried wolf in one crucial way: Nobody tries to kill the FOX.

Of course, there’s the whole thing about lies and lying liars, but we’ve been rewarding liars for years, so that’s not new.


Operation Rupture

This is one of the rare editorials not written by Editor Stephen Potts. Instead it’s written by Noam Daguerre – the better to  ensure he won’t be fired for writing it!

You Say You Want a Revolution

Deutsch: Alice in Wonderland - Mad Tea Party (...

Deutsch: Alice in Wonderland - Mad Tea Party (bekannte, lange schon freie Illustration von Sir John Tenniel aus der Erstausgabe) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We will convert our Armageddon Buffet website to WordPress. This is the first of the editorials we are adding here (in Pages). It was written in March 2010, when Cassandra-in-Chief Stephen W. Potts first saw the pending “revolution” of the Mad Tea Party. His observations are still relevant, particularly when you observe the destruction that resulted from their victories in the 2010 mid-term election. Moral: Don’t take any election for granted. Or – a bad idea has a very long shelf-life!