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It’s the Stupid Economy

Wall Street sign on Wall Street

Wall Street sign on Wall Street (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s been four years since the last economic dominos fell, and the Dow has just barely returned to pre-collapse levels – though since Congress or Wall Street never enacted reforms to prevent a re-occurrence we are guaranteed a repeat of the bust-and-boom times. This editorial, written in 2008, analyzed what happened and why. Think of it when you vote for the next set of Insane Clowns.


Revolution Post-Mill

Revolution Post-Mill

As a companion piece for the editorial I posted earlier today, I’ve added Harold Jaffe’s Revolutionary Post-Mill, a docufiction which takes as its starting point the May 1968 Paris uprising.

Jaffe is a frequent contributor to Armageddon Buffet -as a guest editorialist and a fiction writer. He is Professor of English at San Diego State University, editor of Fiction International, and author of such extraordinary books as OD and Terror-Dot-Gov, among others.