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Vigilante v. Hoodie

United States Supreme Court Building, Washington.

United States Supreme Court Building, Washington. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It may very well be the new “trial of the Century”! Remember the last one? We do.

The Zimmerman trial and the entire controversy of the “literally in fear of my life” defense law reminds us of the Terry Schaivo editorial we originally published back in 2005. The similarities? Both occur in Florida and both involve over-reach by politicians wanting to legislate Apocalypse into being (pro-zombies with Schaivo, pro-vigilantes with Zimmerman).

Certainly the rest of the world is taking an interest in how we handle this. After all, not too long ago a tourist was shot dead for Trick-or-Treating while Japanese. His killer was aquitted. Will Trayvon’s trial even get started or will it be stopped by our far-right United States Supreme Court? How you do think these 9 men and women in black will decide in Vigilante v. Hoodie?