In desperate times desperate people head here – an online journal of Apocalyptic-themed fiction and commentary.


Armageddon Buffet is looking for speculative fiction and nonfiction writers who write about the theme: Armageddon. This does not mean we believe in the Biblical Armageddon — in fact, this means we don’t — but we have definitely noticed that the End Time has arrived as a genre.

In regards to pithy fiction, we don’t privilege any specific style. We like social satire, cyberpunk, future fantasies, alternate histories, apocalyptic visions, slipstream, “New Weird,” surrealism, naturalism, and literotica — but what we like most is creativity and surprise. We don’t like happy endings: this is about the Armageddon, after all, and while it can be funny, it’s not happy. We also publish poetry, especially if dada or satirical.

For our scathing commentary we prefer well-researched and -considered articles. Since we are firmly in the reality-based camp, please provide links or other (offline) citations for the books or articles you use in your commentary. We also like to publish philosophical and cultural commentary, true tales of successful activism, rebellion, and opposition, positive alternatives to the status quo, and other survival strategies.

We would love to publish original artwork in either category.

To get a better idea of our tastes and preferences, peruse the journal. It goes without saying that written work should demonstrate skill with language, and we also welcome distinctive style and vision. Other than that, selection comes down to what the editors like. As artists we have received enough rejections to know how subjective and arbitrary that can be. Don’t take acceptances or rejections personally unless you really have sent us crap.

All submissions must be electronic. We prefer written material in Word-readable format (.doc) but will accept Rich Text format (.rtf). Artwork should be submitted as a Photoshop-readable (.gif, .jpg or .bmp) file. We cannot pay yet, but hope that policy will change. Someday.

(If you’d like that no-pay policy to change, please encourage everyone you know to read us and talk about us. Publicity works!)


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