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Signs & Portents

Russian Science Fiction, Revisited

Armageddon Buffet loves Soviet-era science fiction. It’s so dark, so dreary, so Armageddon-like. Like much of Western science fiction of the era, the Strugatsky brothers captured the “doomsday” spirit of the End Times with their fiction, and even anticipated Chernobyl.

Here’s one Strugatsky story our editor published: A Beetle in an Anthill.

And our editor, Stephen Potts, wrote the book about the Strugatsky brothers!


Vigilante v. Hoodie

United States Supreme Court Building, Washington.

United States Supreme Court Building, Washington. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It may very well be the new “trial of the Century”! Remember the last one? We do.

The Zimmerman trial and the entire controversy of the “literally in fear of my life” defense law reminds us of the Terry Schaivo editorial we originally published back in 2005. The similarities? Both occur in Florida and both involve over-reach by politicians wanting to legislate Apocalypse into being (pro-zombies with Schaivo, pro-vigilantes with Zimmerman).

Certainly the rest of the world is taking an interest in how we handle this. After all, not too long ago a tourist was shot dead for Trick-or-Treating while Japanese. His killer was aquitted. Will Trayvon’s trial even get started or will it be stopped by our far-right United States Supreme Court? How you do think these 9 men and women in black will decide in Vigilante v. Hoodie?

It’s the Stupid Economy

Wall Street sign on Wall Street

Wall Street sign on Wall Street (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s been four years since the last economic dominos fell, and the Dow has just barely returned to pre-collapse levels – though since Congress or Wall Street never enacted reforms to prevent a re-occurrence we are guaranteed a repeat of the bust-and-boom times. This editorial, written in 2008, analyzed what happened and why. Think of it when you vote for the next set of Insane Clowns.

Faith-Based vs. Reality-Based America

~ Bailout ~ Bubbles ~ Burst ~

~ Bailout ~ Bubbles ~ Burst ~ (Photo credit: eyewash)

In 2012, the battlegrounds are ending contraception, killing skittles-wielding teens, starting a War in Iran, and preventing gay marriage. In 2004 they were electing conservative judges, maintaining our “bubble” economy, ignoring our quagmire in Iraq, and keeping “gay” criminal. Proudly declared by then-President George W. Bush, the war between “Faith-Based vs. Reality-Based America” is still being waged with new generals and the same-old “troops we have.” Already it’s lasted longer the Civil War I. Which side will win?

Lola and Jean

In 2008, Tyrone Nagai published an exciting story which aligns two events – the film Run Lola Run and the killing of Jean Charles de Menezes. Given today’s pairing of The Hunger Games and Trayvon Martin, it seems appropriate to reprint his story here.

Revolution Post-Mill

Revolution Post-Mill

As a companion piece for the editorial I posted earlier today, I’ve added Harold Jaffe’s Revolutionary Post-Mill, a docufiction which takes as its starting point the May 1968 Paris uprising.

Jaffe is a frequent contributor to Armageddon Buffet -as a guest editorialist and a fiction writer. He is Professor of English at San Diego State University, editor of Fiction International, and author of such extraordinary books as OD and Terror-Dot-Gov, among others.

War. Huh. What is it good for?

Русский: Воины Апокалипсиса English: Four Hors...

Русский: Воины Апокалипсиса English: Four Horsemen of Apocalypse, by Viktor Vasnetsov. Painted in 1887. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ever wonder why the U.S. and other countries are determined to keep fighting wars against imaginary enemies? Ask George Zimmerman. Or Jared Loughner. They are two of the “horsemen” who ride their trusty steeds (F.E.A.R.* for Zimmerman; paranoia for Loughner) into any and all situations of perceived threat.

But Loughner and Zimmerman are men, human manifestations of the desire to unleash War, Conquest, Famine**, and Death – the official Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Will the world ride these four into war against Iran – another terrorist “threat” designed to exploit our human tendency toward experiencing F.E.A.R. and paranoia?

Already several nations are amassing the “evidence” – faked or mis-captioned photos, assertions from ginned-up “experts” – they need to justify the decision to bomb Iran to rubble.

* F.E.A.R.: False Evidence Appearing Real.

** Who knew the Famine they would unleash be would be a dearth of oil?